Table Top Rentals

Table Top Rentals

Tabletop space is available for rental in the foyer area where we will be holding the Welcome Reception, luncheons and coffee breaks.

Show off your company to all attendees by reserving your space now!


$1500 plus taxes. Rented space includes:

  • 8' X 10' rental space
  • 1 draped 6' table
  • 2 chairs
  • Standard electrical service
  • 2 delegate registrations to attend the technical program (includes 3 lunches per person)


Monday, August 10 17:00-19:00
Tuesday, August 11 08:30-17:00
Wednesday, August 12 08:30-17:00
Thursday, August 13 08:30-17:00

To reserve, fill out the form and send to Chantal Murphy:

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